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Using the available materials around you for what you need.

Evolution Of The Survival Knife


Roughly 2 million years ago, a particularly bright specimen of Homo habilis needed to cut something and decided to invent the knife. Thank you for you early ingenuity! So now days there are 50 and a half million different versions of survival knives to choose from on the market. Everything from shivs, monster bolo knives and everything in between. But have you ever thought about what old school outdoors-men used before the mass production of the ever so popular “Survival Knife”?

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Getting A Good Survival Knife – By James Smith

In survival circumstances, when you are distant from everyone else and defenseless, your survival knife is your accomplice which goes with you wherever you go and whatever you do. It is the most critical survival device you need to finish whatever survival task there is. You require a decent survival knife to cut wood and cordage, to baton wood to make a way in the wild, to hunt and to make traps, to avoid dangers, and more. Continue reading Getting A Good Survival Knife – By James Smith

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Making Wire Snares For Survival Trapping

I made a video on how to build Survival Snares from simple steel wire. Very easy to make and each one takes about one minute to do. They can be built small for smaller game rabbits and squirrels .The same method can also be used with larger wire for larger animals up to raccoons, coyotes or bobcat. Check your snare traps frequently to avoid any losses.

Below is the list of supplies needed.

  1. Spool of steel wire or fencing wire for larger animals.
  2. Stick or Pen
  3. Wire cutters or knife

Everything you need for this simple project and hopefully a little food at the end of the day.

You can attach the snares to a tree trunk, stake or engine for quicker killing with more wire or para cord. Possibilities are endless as far as how these can be used. Good luck and happy hunting!

What Kind of Survival Shelter do I Need?

Shelters so many to choose from!

There are so many variations on different styles and types of shelter when it comes to a “Survival Shelter”. Most things will depend on weather conditions, environment, available resources and time you have to get a critical shelter established.

In an emergency you may be faced with howling winds, extreme temperatures and lack of daylight or on the other hand you may have the best of conditions available and good weather. It really depends what you have and what your immediate needs are.

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Poisonous Mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms are something that can make you horribly sick or even possibly kill you dead as a doornail. Below is a  very informative article that may help save your life if your a novice!

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A common pastime of outdoor enthusiasts is collecting edible mushrooms. This endeavor must be pursued with great caution since mistaking a poisonous mushroom for one that is edible can cost you your life. There are many old wives tales that would have you believe that there are easy ways to avoid poisonous mushrooms through blanket methods–a mushroom that has been eaten by an animal is safe, any dried fungus is safe, no mushroom growing on wood is poisonous. However, the only way to avoid poisonous mushrooms is through 100% positive identification.

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