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Bug In or Bug Out? Considerations.

Bug In and Staying Put!

So here goes the debate of so many preparedness sites. Personally I will Bug In depending on the situation.  If the situation warrants it the most commonsense approach would be to stay put, especial if you have prepared properly and have a number of supplies and resources. First off you would have supplies, shelter, hopefully running water if you have designed a well system to run off emergency power such as a generator, solar power or hand pump and a heat source such as a wood burning stove with plenty of fuel.

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New Items are in the store! And more is on the way!

We have become distributors for various knives, tactical, survival and preparedness gear. Our online Square store is up and running! Keep watch for new items coming soon we now sell weapon optics, armor plate carriers, Bug Out Bags and tons of other gear. We will be adding merchandise slowly so keep checking back often for new Items!



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