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I have a few different types of advertising on my blog.

  • Some are reviews in which I get an item free of charge and then share my opinion on it. This doesn’t bring in any money, only goods.
  • I have write ups about companies, and I have sidebar advertisements.
  • I have posts that I write that may include a paid link.
  • I also have some compensated guest posts.  The difference between a regular guest post and a compensated guest post is that a regular guest post is one that I have requested to be written – I approach a friend or blogger to write a post about a certain topic because I feel readers would benefit from such a post and I am not able to write one as well on that same topic, either because I have no experience in the matter, or at least not as much as the person whom I’ve asked to write it.
  • The other types of guest posts are when, people approach me and ask me to write a guest post because they want to have visitors checking out their site (either a business site or their blog) and figure that having a guest post on my blog will bring them clicks.

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