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I have a few different types of advertising on my blog.

  • Some are reviews in which I get an item free of charge and then share my opinion on it. This doesn’t bring in any money, only goods.
  • I have write ups about companies, and I have sidebar advertisements.
  • I have posts that I write that may include a paid link.
  • I also have some compensated guest posts.  The difference between a regular guest post and a compensated guest post is that a regular guest post is one that I have requested to be written – I approach a friend or blogger to write a post about a certain topic because I feel readers would benefit from such a post and I am not able to write one as well on that same topic, either because I have no experience in the matter, or at least not as much as the person whom I’ve asked to write it.
  • The other types of guest posts are when, people approach me and ask me to write a guest post because they want to have visitors checking out their site (either a business site or their blog) and figure that having a guest post on my blog will bring them clicks.

OTS Preparedness is looking for content writers and products to feature on website

104th Battalion Costuming Group

Worldwide Star Wars Costuming Group.

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Rescue, relocate and removal!

Teresa Schulz

NZ author with dreams to chase

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Tactical Medic Training

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Skills & Information for the SHTF

crypticpunk [krip-tik] [puhngk]

Rants about Life, the Internet, and Guns

OTS Preparedness

OTS Preparedness is looking for content writers and products to feature on website


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Mountainview Off Grid Living

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