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Evolution Of The Survival Knife


Roughly 2 million years ago, a particularly bright specimen of Homo habilis needed to cut something and decided to invent the knife. Thank you for you early ingenuity! So now days there are 50 and a half million different versions of survival knives to choose from on the market. Everything from shivs, monster bolo knives and everything in between. But have you ever thought about what old school outdoors-men used before the mass production of the ever so popular “Survival Knife”?

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The Get Home Bag / Survival Kit. When The Bug Out Bag Is Infeasible.

Why A Get Home Bag / Survival Kit?

I always keep a smaller bag in my vehicle that will sustain me for at least 24 hours to possibly 48 hours and provide what I need to get me back to the house.This bag basically has a temporary food, water, shelter and fire starting source. To sustain me overnight if need be. This is in addition to my EDC my pistol, paracord bracelet, pocket knife and basic cigarette lighter, things I have on me at all times.

The Bug Out Bag is great if you have the room to keep it in your vehicle but that is not always an option. So the smaller get home bag survival kit is always going to be a better option for most. I work in remote areas in the back country of West Central Idaho and this is something I can quickly transfer from my personal vehicle to my work vehicle and have available if I get stuck in the backcountry overnight. Also the Get Home Bag isn’t quite as noticeable when your transferring items to and from your work vehicle. This way you avoid weird looks from your coworkers.

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Review of the Seychelle Advanced water filtration canteen!

We took our Seychelle Advanced filter canteen out to the reservoir to try it out and see how well it worked. The 2 micron filter will remove just about any nasty bug and filter up to 100 gallons per filter in ideal clean conditions. Removes cysts, giardia and cryptosporidium and most viruses. The Seychelle advanced canteen uses a iodine resin filter, there are also several different types of filters that are offered so be sure what yours contains, using the wrong filter could make you severely sick.  Further in the article I will post the filter types and what they remove. Very good product for the price $31.95 compared to other high dollar filter bottles. I did notice a little bit of an iodine aftertaste because of the filter which Im sure will dissipate after some use, The main reason I chose this canteen is that it is similar in size to the military style one quart canteen and can be carried in the molle canteen holder w/ canteen cup and fits seamlessly with tactical gear or attached to bug out bag.

A great Item I think for any survival or preparedness plan and wanted to share this with my page viewers.

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What Kind of Survival Shelter do I Need?

Shelters so many to choose from!

There are so many variations on different styles and types of shelter when it comes to a “Survival Shelter”. Most things will depend on weather conditions, environment, available resources and time you have to get a critical shelter established.

In an emergency you may be faced with howling winds, extreme temperatures and lack of daylight or on the other hand you may have the best of conditions available and good weather. It really depends what you have and what your immediate needs are.

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Is It Safe? Will My Filter Clean This?

Looking at the above picture, does it look like a safe water hole?

Yes it looks safe, but what you don’t see in the pictures are the cattle off to the left of the picture. Also right behind this field or opposite the road behind me is several agricultural fields where chemicals and pesticides are used.

The cattle endanger this water hole because of the urine and fecal matter that makes its way into the water containing viruses, cryptosporidium and all kinds of nasties. A water filter may help but some may not! Many filters will not filter out chemical contamination. Usually distillation is the only safe way of getting water cleaned and the chemicals removed.

I recently saw a couple hikers stop and fill their water bottles from this pool and instantly thought, man I sure hope they don’t drink that without treating it.. The bad thing is the water looks safe and to the unsuspecting or untrained it could make them horribly sick.

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