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Getting A Good Survival Knife – By James Smith

In survival circumstances, when you are distant from everyone else and defenseless, your survival knife is your accomplice which goes with you wherever you go and whatever you do. It is the most critical survival device you need to finish whatever survival task there is. You require a decent survival knife to cut wood and cordage, to baton wood to make a way in the wild, to hunt and to make traps, to avoid dangers, and more. Continue reading Getting A Good Survival Knife – By James Smith

Follow Our Weekly Name That Plant And Its Uses.

Follow our weekly name that plant and its uses. Each week we post a new edible and medicinal plant on our Google + Community page. See if you know what it is and what its used for in a wilderness survival scenario.  Each week I will post a detailed explanation of the previous weeks plant. If it is not answered by the community members. Feel free to post your responses.

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Poisonous Mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms are something that can make you horribly sick or even possibly kill you dead as a doornail. Below is a  very informative article that may help save your life if your a novice!

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A common pastime of outdoor enthusiasts is collecting edible mushrooms. This endeavor must be pursued with great caution since mistaking a poisonous mushroom for one that is edible can cost you your life. There are many old wives tales that would have you believe that there are easy ways to avoid poisonous mushrooms through blanket methods–a mushroom that has been eaten by an animal is safe, any dried fungus is safe, no mushroom growing on wood is poisonous. However, the only way to avoid poisonous mushrooms is through 100% positive identification.

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