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The Get Home Bag / Survival Kit. When The Bug Out Bag Is Infeasible.

Why A Get Home Bag / Survival Kit?

I always keep a smaller bag in my vehicle that will sustain me for at least 24 hours to possibly 48 hours and provide what I need to get me back to the house.This bag basically has a temporary food, water, shelter and fire starting source. To sustain me overnight if need be. This is in addition to my EDC my pistol, paracord bracelet, pocket knife and basic cigarette lighter, things I have on me at all times.

The Bug Out Bag is great if you have the room to keep it in your vehicle but that is not always an option. So the smaller get home bag survival kit is always going to be a better option for most. I work in remote areas in the back country of West Central Idaho and this is something I can quickly transfer from my personal vehicle to my work vehicle and have available if I get stuck in the backcountry overnight. Also the Get Home Bag isn’t quite as noticeable when your transferring items to and from your work vehicle. This way you avoid weird looks from your coworkers.

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Making Wire Snares For Survival Trapping

I made a video on how to build Survival Snares from simple steel wire. Very easy to make and each one takes about one minute to do. They can be built small for smaller game rabbits and squirrels .The same method can also be used with larger wire for larger animals up to raccoons, coyotes or bobcat. Check your snare traps frequently to avoid any losses.

Below is the list of supplies needed.

  1. Spool of steel wire or fencing wire for larger animals.
  2. Stick or Pen
  3. Wire cutters or knife

Everything you need for this simple project and hopefully a little food at the end of the day.

You can attach the snares to a tree trunk, stake or engine for quicker killing with more wire or para cord. Possibilities are endless as far as how these can be used. Good luck and happy hunting!

Review of the Seychelle Advanced water filtration canteen!

We took our Seychelle Advanced filter canteen out to the reservoir to try it out and see how well it worked. The 2 micron filter will remove just about any nasty bug and filter up to 100 gallons per filter in ideal clean conditions. Removes cysts, giardia and cryptosporidium and most viruses. The Seychelle advanced canteen uses a iodine resin filter, there are also several different types of filters that are offered so be sure what yours contains, using the wrong filter could make you severely sick.  Further in the article I will post the filter types and what they remove. Very good product for the price $31.95 compared to other high dollar filter bottles. I did notice a little bit of an iodine aftertaste because of the filter which Im sure will dissipate after some use, The main reason I chose this canteen is that it is similar in size to the military style one quart canteen and can be carried in the molle canteen holder w/ canteen cup and fits seamlessly with tactical gear or attached to bug out bag.

A great Item I think for any survival or preparedness plan and wanted to share this with my page viewers.

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Does your child have a survival kit and know what to do if they become lost?

Some simple items to make sure your children have basic survival necessities while on family or group camping trips. If your children are younger make sure they are supervised with the knives and fire starting tools until you are comfortable that they know how to use them safely!

Remember most people are found within a few hours of being lost. Make sure to teach your children how items are used and practice certain skills regularly. Training is most important over any kit! Teach your children how to safely and properly use items, and if your not sure hire someone to teach them.

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