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How to prepare and stay healthy during a pandemic outbreak.

So Are Real Life Zombies A Threat?

Why Are Zombies The New Rage?

I normally scoff at the idea of zombies falling into the category of real disasters for prepping, but I’ve noticed more and more people attracted to the idea of a zombie apocalypse. Well with the movies I am legend, resident evil, world war z and The Walking Dead becoming a favorite among TV viewers over the last few years.

There is now everything from zombie survival kits, zombie response team magazine,, zombie knives and even ammo manufacturers have come out with ammunition specifically for zombies “Hornady® Zombie Max” for example. Even long time magazine Guns and Ammo has countless articles about zombie related content. Hell even the Pentagon has a battle plan against zombies. Even the CDC is getting in on the band wagon. Don’t believe me? Heres the link. Heck if your really serious there is even a chainsaw bayonet for your AR for dicing the little boogers up into small pieces.

Get em while their hot! Good for zombies and front doors!

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So Ebola Cant Be Spread By Sneezing

So Ebola cant be spread by sneezing! Only by contact with body fluids. So what happens when you sneeze?? You spread body fluids. Don’t believe me look at this video! I’m sorry but I can almost guarantee we’re not getting the whole story folks! They don’t want to incite panic and mass civil unrest if the truth gets out! Keep watch from trusted sites and news channels for where they are having outbreaks and solitary incidents! If you watch the video you will see the amount of bodily fluid that is projected out during a regular sneeze. Funny this is a video on not spreading influenza. OT