So Are Real Life Zombies A Threat?

Why Are Zombies The New Rage?

I normally scoff at the idea of zombies falling into the category of real disasters for prepping, but I’ve noticed more and more people attracted to the idea of a zombie apocalypse. Well with the movies I am legend, resident evil, world war z and The Walking Dead becoming a favorite among TV viewers over the last few years.

There is now everything from zombie survival kits, zombie response team magazine,, zombie knives and even ammo manufacturers have come out with ammunition specifically for zombies “Hornady® Zombie Max” for example. Even long time magazine Guns and Ammo has countless articles about zombie related content. Hell even the Pentagon has a battle plan against zombies. Even the CDC is getting in on the band wagon. Don’t believe me? Heres the link. Heck if your really serious there is even a chainsaw bayonet for your AR for dicing the little boogers up into small pieces.

Get em while their hot! Good for zombies and front doors!

We even came up with a zombie related patch for the fun of it!

So Is There A Real Threat?

Well if you look at the news of people attacking others such as the incident of Rudy Eugene of Miami. This is becoming more and more frequent around the world. Apparently with certain drugs being introduced such as Bath Salts the people under the influence of this drug makes you wonder if a zombie apocalypse could become a possibility. Could it be altered and made to where it stays in your system for a long period of time or indefinitely? What if something like this was introduced into our water systems and distributed among people without their knowledge? Could you imagine a entire city affected by this drug at the same time. It would very much seem like a zombie apocalypse. Also depending what the affected person was like before the drug was introduced, some people may be like the woman in the video below or they could be like Rudy Eugene attacking people.

Is The Zombie Apocalypse More Of A Metaphoric Term?

I don’t think we’ll ever see zombies like on TV chasing us for our flesh or brains, but what about a virus attacking us in a different way such as a pandemic or a drug that was affecting people. I wouldn’t expect it to be anything that we have seen in media, but maybe a outbreak like leprosy of biblical times or even ebola. There could be so many different scenarios that could seem to resemble zombies. So no I dont expect it will be people coming back from the dead but something that makes people seem dead. Kind of similar to ” I Am Legend”. Something to think about! So there could be some truth to a zombie apocalypse. Just not what we have come to believe from media. So I believe something very similar could be in our future and it would make sense to prepare for something that could manifest a zombie like event.

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