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Well Our Destination Is Final! Wyoming Is Where We’re At.

Well after a recent move for a job in Wyoming it looks like this will be our home base now. We will be offering new items in our store soon so be sure to check that out. We may begin some classes and workshops in the area East of Gillette. So if your in the area look for those. Keep checking our page for updates.

Updated 01/16/2015 : Survival And Tactical Classes Temporarily Suspended

We are looking at relocating from our current location so we are suspending our survival classes and workshops until further notice. Several people have emailed me recently about our schedules so I thought I would officially post a response why we are temporarily cancelling our current and future classes. I am possibly moving due to a recent job change and it is up in the air between two locations. I may be relocating to either Winnemucca, NV or Gillette, Wy. Once we are settled we will continue courses and workshops in a different area. So keep checking our website for newly scheduled classes and locations. Thanks!

Update 01/16/2015: I am starting work February 10th for Cloud Peak Energy in Gillette, Wy. Looks like we will be moving back to the Challis, ID area though to live. While I am home on days off I plan on scheduling some classes in the Challis, ID area once settled.

Armed Oath Keepers Provide Ferguson Businesses With Security : Police Tell Them To Leave!

Way To Go My Oath Keeper Brothers!!

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Freddy’s Note:
It seems to me that the police could have used all the help they can get in Ferguson Mo.  After the police interviewed the group, they allowed them to stay. But suddenly after a bunch of Press Inquiries they then tell them to get out of town.  Mismanagement by the worst run Police Department in the world once again.  Luckily the Oath Keepers say they will stay.

Oath Keepers Arrive to Keep the peace : By Brandon Davis of Concealed Nation
Members of the group Oath Keepers headed to Ferguson to do their part in protecting businesses and citizens from the violence that has plagued the city since the grand jury announcement not to indict Officer Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August.

After news reports of the National Guard not being deployed as promised on the first night of riots, members…

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Is China Preparing To Take Down The U.S. Power Grid?


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By  Off The Grid News Staff  – Off The Grid News

China and probably “one or two” other countries have the capacity to use a cyber attack and shut down the entire United States power grid, a catastrophe that could lead to significant loss of life, NSA Director Michael Rogers told a House panel Thursday.

“This is not theoretical,” Rogers said.

Rogers’ stark words came only three weeks after a report by the Pew Research Center predicted that by 2025, the nation will suffer a “major cyber attack” that will cause “widespread harm,” substantial loss of life and damage in the tens of billions of dollars.

Pew surveyed 1,625 computer and Internet experts for the report, and Rogers told the panel he did not disagree with it. He said the attack could shut down not only the power grid but other critical infrastructure.

Rogers also serves as…

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