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Using Airsoft For Prepper Training!?

Here is where airsoft comes in as good training for Preppers. When you’re wearing your full kit including water, loaded magazines, armor panel’s, your conditioning yourself and becoming accustomed to your gear and its weight. After two hours of high impact, fast paced play. You have just moved one step closer to becoming more physically fit and becoming familiar with your kit and how its going to serve you if you ever need it for when the SHTF. I have been doing this since October of 2015 on a regular weekly or sometimes biweekly basis dependingVocalCamera5_7_2016 2_07_49 PM on my schedule. I can already tell a huge difference in my ability to carry it comfortably compared to six months ago. I have had to adjust equipment, move pouches, eliminate gear that just wasn’t feasible. And I weeded out what was crap and what is good quality gear.  If you tryout airsoft I highly suggest it, It is extremely fun and help’s you hone some skills and help’s as well with getting you in shape.WP_20160514_005

But continue assembling gear with its intended purpose of Prepping in mind. When you buy your armor plate carrier keep quality high. I have tested some airsoft REPLICA gear because it was less expensive only to be highly disappointed in the lack of quality and durability.

Also use caution if you plan on using your real equipment for airsoft play, you may attract unwanted attention from local law enforcement. I have consulted several of the local police and they are aware that we play airsoft. I also leave printed signs on my vehicle showing that there is a airsoft game in progress along with my phone number. In case a concerned citizen reports a highly equipped and armed individual or several entering the woods.

A ounce of prevention right! Please use common sense! With the recent spree of mentally unstable individuals who have decided to shoot up schools, theaters in the last few years people can tend to jump the gun. So be safe and if possible use a a gun case to get to your intended location. Be safe and train, train, train.



Review : Great AK47 Magazine Bundle From Centerfire Systems.


Centerfire Systems recently had a 12 deals of Christmas promotion for five Korean AK47 mags for $29.00. So I jumped at the opportunity! Unfortunately the promotion ended on the 15th of December for those that missed out. But keep in mind they have really good prices year round.

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Armed Oath Keepers Provide Ferguson Businesses With Security : Police Tell Them To Leave!

Way To Go My Oath Keeper Brothers!!

crypticpunk [krip-tik] [puhngk]

5476b9bd5d95b.image_ Guarding Rooftops

Freddy’s Note:
It seems to me that the police could have used all the help they can get in Ferguson Mo.  After the police interviewed the group, they allowed them to stay. But suddenly after a bunch of Press Inquiries they then tell them to get out of town.  Mismanagement by the worst run Police Department in the world once again.  Luckily the Oath Keepers say they will stay.

Oath Keepers Arrive to Keep the peace : By Brandon Davis of Concealed Nation
Members of the group Oath Keepers headed to Ferguson to do their part in protecting businesses and citizens from the violence that has plagued the city since the grand jury announcement not to indict Officer Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in August.

After news reports of the National Guard not being deployed as promised on the first night of riots, members…

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Complete Instructions all 7 post: Building the Fully Legal Semi-Automatic UZI Carbine.

I am an UZI enthusiast so I am excited to find this build. If you’re interested in building your own or to use this as general reference. This is a great article from crypticpunk.

crypticpunk [krip-tik] [puhngk]

I have moved the instructions to their own separate page here on the website.   They are here

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So What Classifies A Weapon?

When I worked in law enforcement I was trained that anything that could cause you or someone else bodily harm was considered a weapon. Firearms, bladed weapons, explosives, and vehicles are among those weapons the use of which can cause bodily harm or death. The use of nontraditional-weapons in an offensive manner, such as a baseball bat, brick, beer bottle, scissors, tire iron or other, can also cause bodily harm or death. Someone could literally pick up a rock and try to kill you with it. So basicly anything can be used as a weapon depending on the intent.

Less Than Lethal Weapons

Less-than-lethal weapons, non-deadly weapons, compliance weapons, or pain-inducing weapons are weapons intended to be less likely to kill a living target than conventional weapons. It is often understood that accidental, incidental, and correlative casualties are risked wherever force is applied, but non-lethal weapons try to minimise the risk as much as possible. Non-lethal weapons are used in combat situations to limit the escalation of conflict where employment of lethal force is prohibited or undesirable, where rules of engagement require minimum casualties, or where policy restricts the use of conventional force.


As with anything in life we learn through training. How to drive, how to do algebra etc. The same goes for learning how to use a weapon. If you were lucky enough to participate in military, law enforcement or private security training then your a step ahead, but if not you may be in the dark. Most everyday people don’t get the opportunity to train using weapons and have a huge disadvantage in a SHTF scenario. There are critical do’s and don’ts that a lot of times get people in bad situations because they don’t know the correct ways of how things are properly done. Basicly get good training whether its handgun training, hunter safety, martial arts classes, contractor courses etc. Owning a weapon is one thing knowing how to safely and proficiently operate it to your advantage is another regardless if its a knife, firearm or even your own hands.


Get in on some weapon training classes for firearms, knife fighting, martial art etc. Their fun and allow you to gain some new skills and confidence that will help you every day or during a SHTF scenario. And practice regularly to keep those skills top notch and a second nature.

Stand Your Ground Law

In the United States, stand-your-ground law states that an individual has no duty to retreat from any place they have lawful right to be and may use any level of force, including lethal, if they reasonably believe they face an imminent and immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death.

The Get Home Bag / Survival Kit. When The Bug Out Bag Is Infeasible.

Why A Get Home Bag / Survival Kit?

I always keep a smaller bag in my vehicle that will sustain me for at least 24 hours to possibly 48 hours and provide what I need to get me back to the house.This bag basically has a temporary food, water, shelter and fire starting source. To sustain me overnight if need be. This is in addition to my EDC my pistol, paracord bracelet, pocket knife and basic cigarette lighter, things I have on me at all times.

The Bug Out Bag is great if you have the room to keep it in your vehicle but that is not always an option. So the smaller get home bag survival kit is always going to be a better option for most. I work in remote areas in the back country of West Central Idaho and this is something I can quickly transfer from my personal vehicle to my work vehicle and have available if I get stuck in the backcountry overnight. Also the Get Home Bag isn’t quite as noticeable when your transferring items to and from your work vehicle. This way you avoid weird looks from your coworkers.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Paint Guns!

Picked this Norinco Model 320 up today cheap. Some idiot painted it so now off to the store for paint stripper. I decided to just sand it by hand it and using Brownell’s Aluma – Hyde 2 in flat black to put a durable epoxy based finish on it and adding a folding stock and IMI grips. After research this will accept IMI semi auto parts as it is basically an unlicensed clone of ISRAELI UZI. I’ll post pics of its progress and transformation on this blog as it progresses.

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