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Having the key to staying alive.

Prepping On A Budget For Beginners

So Who Can Prep? Everyone!

Prepping can be done by anyone, you don’t have to be insanely wealthy which the average person is not. It can be done on a budget as well. I know the Doomsday Preppers show had a majority of people who seemed to have an endless cash flow and resources. Hell one even had their own missile silo. Even though this isnt a reality for the common man. You can still prepare food and equipment on common man budget.

Start Out Small!

Begin by picking up a extra package of toilet paper, a dozen extra canned goods on sale each trip to the store. Some stores occasionally have canned food case sales from time to time that most times are a really good deal. Buy a individual #10 can of freeze dried food like Augason Farms, Mountain House or Thrive while your at the big chain stores or your local grocery store. Buy an extra case or two of water. I’ve heard you can even get a group together and head over to one of the Mormon cannery’s if there is one in your area and package up and can your own supplies for pretty cheap.

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Review of the Seychelle Advanced water filtration canteen!

We took our Seychelle Advanced filter canteen out to the reservoir to try it out and see how well it worked. The 2 micron filter will remove just about any nasty bug and filter up to 100 gallons per filter in ideal clean conditions. Removes cysts, giardia and cryptosporidium and most viruses. The Seychelle advanced canteen uses a iodine resin filter, there are also several different types of filters that are offered so be sure what yours contains, using the wrong filter could make you severely sick.  Further in the article I will post the filter types and what they remove. Very good product for the price $31.95 compared to other high dollar filter bottles. I did notice a little bit of an iodine aftertaste because of the filter which Im sure will dissipate after some use, The main reason I chose this canteen is that it is similar in size to the military style one quart canteen and can be carried in the molle canteen holder w/ canteen cup and fits seamlessly with tactical gear or attached to bug out bag.

A great Item I think for any survival or preparedness plan and wanted to share this with my page viewers.

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Is It Safe? Will My Filter Clean This?

Looking at the above picture, does it look like a safe water hole?

Yes it looks safe, but what you don’t see in the pictures are the cattle off to the left of the picture. Also right behind this field or opposite the road behind me is several agricultural fields where chemicals and pesticides are used.

The cattle endanger this water hole because of the urine and fecal matter that makes its way into the water containing viruses, cryptosporidium and all kinds of nasties. A water filter may help but some may not! Many filters will not filter out chemical contamination. Usually distillation is the only safe way of getting water cleaned and the chemicals removed.

I recently saw a couple hikers stop and fill their water bottles from this pool and instantly thought, man I sure hope they don’t drink that without treating it.. The bad thing is the water looks safe and to the unsuspecting or untrained it could make them horribly sick.

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Water Storage In Your Preps And Treatment Of Water

Water is the most critical item to store in your preparedness plan. You can store water by adding cases of bottled water, 55 gallon drums, or do you use a well on your property what can be used for extracting water in the case of emergency.

My personal property has two different wells, one that is 90 feet deep that runs the main household and then a 30 foot hand dug well than can be used in an emergency. The water can be removed by a battery or gas powered pump or even scooped out by using a well bucket.  Not everyone will have access to water as easily, especially in a urban area. So stockpiling will be critical in those areas when people are dependent on city provided water.

I also keep a combination of bottled water and 55 gallon drums that are treated with chlorine bleach.

FEMA recommends
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How to Make a Survival Water Filter

Is it safe to drink this water? I ask myself that question often and most of the time the answer is no. There often is the risk that bacteria, chemicals and pathogens, specificallygiardia, are in the water. Rainwater or dew that is resting on non-poisonous plants such as moss is safe to drink as is. There are a few ways to process water to make it safe to drink: boiling it, using chemical purifiers and filtration. This article will provide tips on how to make and use a survival water filter.

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Purifying Water

Water is the vital elixir that keeps our surprisingly fragile human bodies alive. Without shelter or food, a person can survive quite a long time, but just three days without water will kill most of us.

There are a handful of methods to purify water, and after reading this article, you’ll understand the pros and cons of each method. But remember, you stake your life on your water sources, so never take chances that you can avoid, and always use the absolute best purification method available to you under the circumstances.

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New Items are in the store! And more is on the way!

We have become distributors for various knives, tactical, survival and preparedness gear. Our online Square store is up and running! Keep watch for new items coming soon we now sell weapon optics, armor plate carriers, Bug Out Bags and tons of other gear. We will be adding merchandise slowly so keep checking back often for new Items!



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