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Staying ahead of the game and being alert.

Martial Law Survival Strategies You Should Know – By Bob Rodgers

June 25, 2015

We live in uncertain times and with constant threats knocking at our doors. One day, we might live under Martial Law and although the use of Martial law should bring end to the scenario that imposed it, most of the times it will lead to further violence and chaos. The United States, like many other nations has a long history when it comes to Martial law and some fear it may soon be upon us. The current scenarios that foresee Martial law are all related to ISIS attacks that could happen on US soil. This is why you need to have a survival strategy for when Martial law hits.

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Tis The Season! Preparing For Cold Weather Emergencies!

I know many of us will be traveling for the Holidays and partaking in outdoor activities this winter, most in less than favorable weather. Here are some preparedness tips for the unexpected! If you have family traveling to your location this holiday season make sure to remind them to stock some basic supplies for the trip just in case, Most people can become a little too comfortable and confident that nothing will ever happen. Remember Murphys Law – “If anything can go wrong, it will”

Cold Weather Emergencies

Cold weather emergencies can present themselves quite rapidly and unexpectedly. Do you know what to do in a cold weather emergency? Such as becoming stranded from a accident, hunting or hiking trip or even a home based power outage from a snow or ice storm.

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How to Survive a Riot & Live to Tell About

Great article from Backyard Prepper US.
The best thing is avoid getting stuck in a mob if you have notice , but if you don’t have time to get away follow these tips to successfully make it to safety.

Backyard Prepper US

With what is occurring all over the world, each and every one of us need to be aware of not only basic wilderness skills but also urban survival skills. Perhaps the most important group of skills to know is “How to Survive a Riot”.

How to Survive a Riot & Live to Tell About It!

Picture yourself in a large metropolitan area, having lunch with a couple of old friends, when all of the sudden, a breaking news flash comes on the TV showing a reporter at a protest not far from the restaurant you’re at. As you and your friends are eating you notice that the crowd is growing larger and more restless. The restaurant is becoming tense and quite, several patrons are leaving without finishing their meal. Suddenly the manager comes out, and announces that the restaurant is now closed and that everyone should leave. The TV is now showing the police in riot gear, the protesters have begun…

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Situational Awareness! Who Or What Is Waiting For You!

Situational Awareness is something most people have a lack of on a normal daily basis. With everything going on in our daily lives and the introduction of text and smart phones most people are so focused on whats going on with their social media sites or other time consuming tasks that they no longer worry about whats happening around them. Also somewhat a sense of false security and safety.

Being a Ex State Correctional Officer where I worked was basically a city filled with criminals. Situational awareness became a daily way of life. I also came from a City in Louisiana where you constantly had to be aware of everything around you at all times or you may possibly be putting yourself between a gang shootout or a victim of a carjacking or the person pulling up next to you at a stoplight brandishes a weapon at you with an evil grin. So I personally have a heightened awareness because of my life experiences and the type of work I performed, but unfortunately most do not.

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