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Review: Trying Out The East German Snow Poncho

Decided to get out into the snow and work on some new images and graphics for the blog. Wanted to see how well the East German snow poncho blended in with the recent snow we had.I’ve had this now for two years and finally had a decent enough snow to go try it out. Great for covering yourself and any gear you may be carrying, This is big enough to be worn  over a backpack and still provide good coverage.


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0104151212 copy

Follow Our Weekly Name That Plant And Its Uses.

Follow our weekly name that plant and its uses. Each week we post a new edible and medicinal plant on our Google + Community page. See if you know what it is and what its used for in a wilderness survival scenario.  Each week I will post a detailed explanation of the previous weeks plant. If it is not answered by the community members. Feel free to post your responses.

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Situational Awareness! Who Or What Is Waiting For You!

Situational Awareness is something most people have a lack of on a normal daily basis. With everything going on in our daily lives and the introduction of text and smart phones most people are so focused on whats going on with their social media sites or other time consuming tasks that they no longer worry about whats happening around them. Also somewhat a sense of false security and safety.

Being a Ex State Correctional Officer where I worked was basically a city filled with criminals. Situational awareness became a daily way of life. I also came from a City in Louisiana where you constantly had to be aware of everything around you at all times or you may possibly be putting yourself between a gang shootout or a victim of a carjacking or the person pulling up next to you at a stoplight brandishes a weapon at you with an evil grin. So I personally have a heightened awareness because of my life experiences and the type of work I performed, but unfortunately most do not.

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Making Wire Snares For Survival Trapping

I made a video on how to build Survival Snares from simple steel wire. Very easy to make and each one takes about one minute to do. They can be built small for smaller game rabbits and squirrels .The same method can also be used with larger wire for larger animals up to raccoons, coyotes or bobcat. Check your snare traps frequently to avoid any losses.

Below is the list of supplies needed.

  1. Spool of steel wire or fencing wire for larger animals.
  2. Stick or Pen
  3. Wire cutters or knife

Everything you need for this simple project and hopefully a little food at the end of the day.

You can attach the snares to a tree trunk, stake or engine for quicker killing with more wire or para cord. Possibilities are endless as far as how these can be used. Good luck and happy hunting!

What Kind of Survival Shelter do I Need?

Shelters so many to choose from!

There are so many variations on different styles and types of shelter when it comes to a “Survival Shelter”. Most things will depend on weather conditions, environment, available resources and time you have to get a critical shelter established.

In an emergency you may be faced with howling winds, extreme temperatures and lack of daylight or on the other hand you may have the best of conditions available and good weather. It really depends what you have and what your immediate needs are.

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The Rules of Evasion and Escape

1st Rule – Escape ASAP
This is the first and most important rule of evasion and escape and can be applied to many different situations. You want to try and escape before you are confined or locked up where escape may become impossible. Escape Rule 1 refers to the period immediately after capture by the enemy. You must escape at the first opportunity because:
a] The longer you remain in captivity, the more thoroughly you will be searched
b]The longer you remain a prisoner, the further you will be sent behind enemy lines.
c]Your captors will very probably be front line combat troops. These soldiers will likely have neither the interest, the time, nor the training in handling POWs. The longer you remain in captivity, the greater the chance of being sent to a secure POW camp with guards who have been specially trained in preventing escapes

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