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Evolution Of The Survival Knife


Roughly 2 million years ago, a particularly bright specimen of Homo habilis needed to cut something and decided to invent the knife. Thank you for you early ingenuity! So now days there are 50 and a half million different versions of survival knives to choose from on the market. Everything from shivs, monster bolo knives and everything in between. But have you ever thought about what old school outdoors-men used before the mass production of the ever so popular “Survival Knife”?

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Getting A Good Survival Knife – By James Smith

In survival circumstances, when you are distant from everyone else and defenseless, your survival knife is your accomplice which goes with you wherever you go and whatever you do. It is the most critical survival device you need to finish whatever survival task there is. You require a decent survival knife to cut wood and cordage, to baton wood to make a way in the wild, to hunt and to make traps, to avoid dangers, and more. Continue reading Getting A Good Survival Knife – By James Smith

Well Our Destination Is Final! Wyoming Is Where We’re At.

Well after a recent move for a job in Wyoming it looks like this will be our home base now. We will be offering new items in our store soon so be sure to check that out. We may begin some classes and workshops in the area East of Gillette. So if your in the area look for those. Keep checking our page for updates.

Prepping On A Budget For Beginners

So Who Can Prep? Everyone!

Prepping can be done by anyone, you don’t have to be insanely wealthy which the average person is not. It can be done on a budget as well. I know the Doomsday Preppers show had a majority of people who seemed to have an endless cash flow and resources. Hell one even had their own missile silo. Even though this isnt a reality for the common man. You can still prepare food and equipment on common man budget.

Start Out Small!

Begin by picking up a extra package of toilet paper, a dozen extra canned goods on sale each trip to the store. Some stores occasionally have canned food case sales from time to time that most times are a really good deal. Buy a individual #10 can of freeze dried food like Augason Farms, Mountain House or Thrive while your at the big chain stores or your local grocery store. Buy an extra case or two of water. I’ve heard you can even get a group together and head over to one of the Mormon cannery’s if there is one in your area and package up and can your own supplies for pretty cheap.

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How to Build A Bug Out Bag. A Good Starting Point For New Preppers.

My personal Bug Out Bag.

What Is A Bug Out Bag?

A Bug Out Bag is designed to get you through a 72 hour event. Whether the emergency may be a natural storm disaster, Zombie Apocalypse or other TEOTWAWKI event. The bag should have enough items to get you through until either help arrives or you get to a predetermined bug out location.

Building a bag really depends on personal preference,  But some basic life sustaining items should be standard such as a temporary shelter, ways of creating fire, collecting and purifying water and a small 72 hours worth of food to get you through an event until you can either hunt or trap if necessary.

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Review of the Seychelle Advanced water filtration canteen!

We took our Seychelle Advanced filter canteen out to the reservoir to try it out and see how well it worked. The 2 micron filter will remove just about any nasty bug and filter up to 100 gallons per filter in ideal clean conditions. Removes cysts, giardia and cryptosporidium and most viruses. The Seychelle advanced canteen uses a iodine resin filter, there are also several different types of filters that are offered so be sure what yours contains, using the wrong filter could make you severely sick.  Further in the article I will post the filter types and what they remove. Very good product for the price $31.95 compared to other high dollar filter bottles. I did notice a little bit of an iodine aftertaste because of the filter which Im sure will dissipate after some use, The main reason I chose this canteen is that it is similar in size to the military style one quart canteen and can be carried in the molle canteen holder w/ canteen cup and fits seamlessly with tactical gear or attached to bug out bag.

A great Item I think for any survival or preparedness plan and wanted to share this with my page viewers.

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What Kind of Survival Shelter do I Need?

Shelters so many to choose from!

There are so many variations on different styles and types of shelter when it comes to a “Survival Shelter”. Most things will depend on weather conditions, environment, available resources and time you have to get a critical shelter established.

In an emergency you may be faced with howling winds, extreme temperatures and lack of daylight or on the other hand you may have the best of conditions available and good weather. It really depends what you have and what your immediate needs are.

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