Avoid The Tin Foil Hat Club!! When Crazy and Paranoid Interfere With Rational Thinking!

Use Caution And Common Sense

So this is a topic I have wanted to cover for a while, recently I have met a few folks that have confused prepping and being prepared with paranoia and fear mongering. So I felt it’s time to confront this subject and hopefully help some people steer clear of bad situations and people.

I recently attended a meeting locally regarding helping our community form a group and become prepared during hard times, but instead heard a bunch of blatant lies and stories that some were so far fetched that they were obviously BS. The meeting was more of a rant session rather than a constructive opportunity to create a useful network within our community. There was no coordination, no plan, structure or even any thought put into it..

There were things mentioned that I felt very uncomfortable discussing in public. So my first thought was this person is crazy and obviously not what I was expecting. The meeting I attended enthusiastically and was hoping to become involved in quickly disintegrated within a few minutes. I was wishing I could ooze out a backdoor if there had been one. Eventually after two hours of wasting my time I grabbed my gear and walked out.

Be careful of the company you keep! Some people try to pass themselves off as something they are not. Don’t let their paranoia grab hold and consume you. There are some that are either delusional or flat out crazy.

The Internet Is Not Always Your Friend.

I have seen people become so consumed in misleading Youtube videos that that they seem to set all reality aside and slide into this imaginary world of fear and lies quite easily. To me its like a form of brainwashing. To me some of the things seem so insane, but people believe in them completely because they read the article or viewed the video on the internet. Anyone can make a video or write and article. It doesn’t mean it true.

Some people get so caught up in videos they see on Youtube or articles on facebook that they become so drawn into the BS fear mongering that they actually believe the false crap they see and read. Use Common sense and judgement!

Weed Out The Crap!

There is a lot of good legitimate information from a lot of good people on the web, just be sure to use judgment and look for facts and not to base something on someones else s opinion. Or a belief that they themselves believe are true but may be false or really far fetched.. Alot of sites post misleading information in the hopes of getting likes, shares and page hits, so just because you saw it on internet doesn’t necessarily mean its true.

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